Leibowitz - Biological Treatment

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  • Leibowitz (biological treatment)
    • 3 main types of drugs used to treat phobias; tranquillisers, antidepressants and beta blockers
    • two anxiety scales used - the hamilton anxiety scale and the leibowitz social anxiety scale test
      • patients social phobia assessed using these tests
    • to see if the drug phenelzine can help treat people with social phobia
    • controlled experiment
    • 80 patients 15-50 years
      • met DSM criteria for social phobia, medically healthy and had not received phenelzine for at least two weeks before trial.
      • had no other disorders and consented to the study
    • randomly allocated to one of four groups
      • 1- treated with phenelzine
      • 3- treated with atenolol
      • 4- treated with matching placebo
      • 2- treated with matching placebo
    • patients assessed at start, then given treatment, then reassessed
      • double blind control - independent assessors
    • after 8 weeks- significant improvement in anxiety scores in phenelzine group
    • anxiety scores for atenolol group same as placebo


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