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  • Legitimacy
    • The right to rule
      • The rightful use of power
      • Based on pre-set criteria or widely-held agreements
      • A government has a right to rule following an election
    • Refers to both the...
      • System of government
      • Individuals who hold office within the government
    • Traditional legitimacy
      • A system of rule can be legitimate if it's existed for a long period of time
      • Hereditary monarchies in the Gulf States
    • Coercive legitimacy
      • Legitimacy based on force
      • An undemocratic system can claim legitimacy if it can maintain peace and security
    • Consent-based legitimacy
      • Legitimacy based on the broad consent of the people expressed through regular elections
        • Democratic legitimacy
      • Consent can also be demonstrated by...
        • Peaceful participation in politics
        • A lack of open dissidence


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