Legislation and Regulations

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  • Legislations and Regulations
    • Ecolabel
      • EU Voluntary Scheme
      • 1993
      • Encouraged manufacturer to label products that have a reduced impact
      • Flower Symbol
    • Packaging Directive
      • EU Packaging Directive
      • Introduced - 1994. Amended - 2004
      • Targets = reduction of packaging waste
      • Sets limits on amount of toxic metals used
      • Minimum 55% of waste should be able to be recycled
    • Energy Labelling Directive
      • EU Directive 1996
      • Ratings given to electrical applicances
      • A to G indicating its energy use
      • Wants to phase out ineffective appliances
    • End of Life Vehicle Directive
      • 2003
      • Reuse and recycle waste from vehicles are end of life
      • Restricts toxic metal in new cars
      • Label parts to aid reclycling
      • Publish info on how to dismantle
    • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE)
      • EU Directive 2006
      • Develop electrical and electronic products to be dismantled
      • WEEE collection points
    • Restriction of Hazadrous Substances Directive
      • 2006
      • Bans use of some hazardous materials
      • Safeguard of human health when disposing and recycling electrical equipment


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