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  • legislations
    • health and safety at work act
      • HSE as the regulator
      • key duties and responsibilities of employers & employees
      • basis for other health and safety guidelines
    • food safety and general food hygiene
      • food safety hazards identified
        • environment where food is prepared & cooked are kept clean
      • raw meat prepared on a separate chopping board
    • control of substances hazardous to health
      • carry out risk assessments
      • procedures in place for safe working
      • employers provide info and training
    • management of health and safety at work regulations
      • employers to carry out risk assessments
      • Arrangements in place (e.g procedures in place)
      • employers to provide info and training
    • manual handling operations & regulations
      • employers avoid hazardous tasks
      • reduce risks associated with manual handling
      • employers provide info and training
    • civil contingencies act
      • how organisations work together in emergencies
      • risk assessments
      • how organisations work together & share info
    • food safety act
      • good personal hygiene
      • any food unsafe is femoved
      • records kept of where food is from
    • reporting of injuries, diseases & dangerous occurrences
      • Procedure in place for reporting incidents
      • report & keep serious accidents for 3 years
      • employers provide info and training
    • the health and social care ( safety & quality) act
      • Use NHS number when sharing info on a persons care
      • removing people of convictions from registers
      • how to share info on a persons care for safe and effective care
    • data protection act
      • protects security of personal info
      • info is kept secure
      • accurate and kept up to date


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