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  • European Health & Safety Regulations (6 Pack)
    • 2. Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations
      • Specifies which aspects of the workplace and its facilities apply for risk assessment purposes
        • Windows
        • Lighting
        • Floors
        • Ventilation
        • Workstations
        • Maintenance
        • Cleanliness
      • Toilets
    • 1. Management of Health and Safety at Work 1992
      • Assessments undertaken by employers should cover all situations that may present a risk to staff and or visitors
      • Clairfy what actions must be taken to comply with duties
      • Compulsory risk assessments
    • 3. Display Screen
      • Poor display screen equipment can lead to discomfort and health problems (Stress)
        • Is the image clear?
        • Is the keyboard comfortable?
        • Does the furniture fit with the workstation?
        • Is the environment free from obstruction and well lit/
        • Do i suffer from repetitive strain?
        • Is the VDU affecting my eyesight?
    • 4. Manual Handling
      • Aim to reduce the amount of physical effort required by staff
          • Change the layout
          • Make loads lighter/easier to carry
          • Provide Training
          • Improve Lighting
          • Avoid repetitive work
    • 5 PUWER - Provsion & Use of Work Equipment
      • Ensure provision and use of safe work equipment
      • Check equipment is suitable  for the job & properly maintained
      • Provide training and instruction
      • Ensure all equipment is well lit and secure
    • 6. PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
      • Factors of PPE
        • Regular Inspection
        • Physical effort/ duration of activity
        • Ease of cleaning
        • Range of sizes/quality/newness
        • Training and info on use of PPE


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