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  • Legislation
    • The Health and Safety act
      • This is where the business must protect employees health,safety and welfare meaning employees musnt come under any harm at work. If so the business could get fined and possibly shut down depending on situation
    • Race Relations Act
      • This is where employees cant be disrciminated against based on their race, ethnicity or religion
    • Equal Pay act
      • Where men and women are both paid equally for the same amount of work completed
    • Sex Discrimination Act
      • The bsuiness cant treat employees differently because of their gender and they cant specifically target a certain sex when offering jobs
    • Age discrimination
      • A company cant turn someone down because of their age and must treat workers the same regardless of their age as it doesnt determine ability
    • Disability Discrimination Act
      • Disabled people must be treated the same and given the same opportunities as a more able person.
    • Minimum Pay Act
      • A business must pay at least a certain amount of pay to an employee


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