Legalise euthanasia for and against

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  • Legalise Euthanasia
    • NO
      • Roman Catholic
        • Sanctity of life
          • God gives life, God takes life away
            • Crime against God
        • Against God's teachings
          • Thous shalt not kill
            • Miracles do occur - disease could get better
      • 'Slippery Slope'
        • Could easily be abused
          • Will money or inheritance
          • Hitler T4 euthanasia programme
      • Doctors exist to keep people alive
        • Hippocratic Oath
          • 'First Do No Harm'
            • 'I must not play God'
    • YES
      • All Loving God
        • Would not want us to suffer
          • 'You don't have to strive to keep yourself alive'
          • Alive or dead we belong to the Lord
      • Animals can be put down
        • To end suffering
          • Why can't humans do the same
            • Mercy killings
      • Voluntary is your choice
        • Free will - God given and human right - autonomy
          • Killing humans who want to die is not murder
      • Goes on already
      • Doctors have a duty of care
        • Hippocratic Oath
          • 'It may also be within my power to take a life'


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