The Nazi Legal Revolution

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  • Legal Revolution
    • 27th Feb - 5 March 1933
      • Reichstg Fire & New Elections
      • Hitler calls for new elections to increase his majority
        • Appeared legal, but not really.
          • SA used terror and violence to eradicate opposition
            • SA now legal 'auxillary police'
            • 26,789 political opponents sent to makeshift concentration camps by july
        • Nazis STILL 52 seats short
      • Reichstag set on fire
        • Communist Van der Lubbe found near the scene
          • Nazis exploit to advantage
    • 28th Feb 1933
      • Emergency Decree
        • Protection of people & state
          • Signed by Hindenburg on the premise of communist threat
            • Reichstag fire
          • Suspended Civil rights
            • Police given power to arrest anyone seen as a threat to the state
    • 21st March
      • Day of Potsdam
        • "revolution from below" becoming problematic
          • Goebbels organises cereomony celebrating reopening of RS at Pots. Garrison church
    • 23rd March
      • Enabling act
        • Hitler had emergency powers for 4 years
          • Could pass laws without consulting RS
          • Dictatorship now LEGAL


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