Legacy of the French revolution on Europe

Pink- Nationalist effects

Blue- Liberal effects

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  • Legacy of the French Revolution
    • Ideas of social equality spread throughout Europe through armies fighting Napoleonic wars
      • Declaration of the Rights of Man: "All men are born free and equal"
    • Development of  a MERITOCRACY allowing members of the middle classes to rise to higher positions than before
    • Declaration of th rights of Man also stressed the importance of property/ right to vote based of property and taxation
    • Swept away feudal system that the Ancien Regime had previously exploited to economically dominate the peasantry
    • Change in the relationship between Church and State. Church lost a vast (amount of land which was the sold to the peasantry), lost it's independence and turned into a branch of state admin :(
      • Napoleon used the church as a method of social control
    • Wave of patriotic feeling in France as people developed an emotional connection to their country, mass mobilisation of people to support those fighting
      • Levee en masse
    • Conquest by France made various national groupings focus on who they were/ strengthened their sense of national identity
      • Nationalist feelings antagonised by French taxes, military levies and having to supply supplies for French armies. Annexed territories were forced to adopt French laws, currency and administration
    • In Spain, a patriotic war broke-out in 1808 when Napoleon tried to install his brother on the throne--took form of Guerrilla conflict which developed into Peninsular War
    • Poland which had ceased to exist was restored by Napoleon as the Grand Duchy of Warsaw also, Confederation of the Rhine, Kingdom of Italy
    • Under Napoleon political control was centralised, allowing national identity to develop


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