Left realism and crime

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  • Left Realism
    • The Causes of Crime- Lea and Young
      • Relative deprivation
        • When people feel that others unfairly have more than them, they may resort to crime to obtain what they feel entitled to
          • people are now more aware due to media and advertising
      • Subculture
        • Failure to achieve mainstream goals
          • Can lead to criminal groups who accept material and consumerism but obtain them illegitimately
          • However it doesn't always lead to crime- some resort to religion for comfort
      • Marginalisation
        • Unemployed youths have no organisation to represent them and no clear goals
          • This felling of powerlessness, resentment and frustration is expressed through criminal means
    • Evaluation
      • It accepts societies definition of crime being street crime and ignores crime done by the powerful
      • It over-predicts the amount of W/C crime- not everyone turns to crime
    • Taking Crime Seriously
      • The criticises other theories for not taking increasing crime seriously
        • To take it seriously it needs to be recognised that its main victims are disadvantaged groups and that there has been a real increase in crime
      • Neo-marxists- romanticise W/C criminals
      • Labelling theory- sees criminals as victims of labelling
      • Tradition Marxists- neglect W/C crime
    • Tackling Crime
      • Policing and control
        • The police must improve their relationships with the local communities by involving them in deciding policing policies  and spend more time investigating crime
      • Reducing inequality
        • Is the  main solution and would require a change in structure of society
          • decent jobs,stop discrimination and deal with inequality of opportunity
    • Late Modernity, Exclusion and Crime
      • Young- In late modern society the problem of W/C crime is worse because....
        • Harsher welfare policies, increased unemployment, job insecurity and poverty
        • Destabilisation of family and community life is weakening informal social controls
    • Like Marxist's, LR's see inequality in capitalism as the root of crime


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