crime and deviance left realism

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  • left realism
    • developed as a response to traditional marxist approaches, which it accused of...
      • not taking crime seriously and reducing it to simple moral panics
      • romanticizing working class criminals as 'robin hood' characters fighting against social inequality
      • failing to take victimization seriously
    • develop practical policies to tackle crime.
    • left realist policies to reduce crime and explored in the section on crime prevention
    • explaining crime
      • lea and young attmpt to explain why people turn to crime.
      • 1. relative deprivation. whether people see themselves as deprived in comparisison with others
      • 2. subculture. working class deviant subcultures emerge as group solutions to problems arising from social inequality
      • 3. marginalization some groups find themselves politically and economically on the edge of society.
    • understanding and tackling crime
      • lea and young suggest it is necessary to examine relationships between 4 elements and how they influence or interact with one another
      • social  stuctural factors and formal social control. influence the context of crime.
      • the public and informal social control. how do people react to crime .
      • the role of victims
      • the offenders, what meaning does the act have on the offender
    • evaluation
      • it explains the social causes of crime and recognises that tackling crime mean tackling inequalities
      • t recognizes that most victims of crime are poor and working class.
      • recognizes the importance of community solutions to crime, the police, public, victims are all involved in generating crime levels.
      • neglects other responses to relative deprivation and marginality
      • doesnt pay much attention to white collar coporate crime
      • relies on victim surveys, tend to over report some crimes and under reports others.


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