left realism and crime

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  • left realism
    • relative deprivation
      • crime has roots in relative deprivation - how deprived someone feels in relation to others
      • they might resort to crime to gain what they feel entitled to
      • young
        • in late modern society, problems are related to harsher welfare benefits, cultural inclusion and economic exclusion
      • causes a bulimic society
        • people see images of expensive consumer lifestyles but are then forced by economic circumstances to get rid of expectations
    • subculture
      • subculture = groups solution to problem of relative deprivation
      • some subcultures do not lead to crime
        • can lead to religion
    • marginalisation
      • some groups find themselves on the edge of society
        • social exclusion through unemployment
          • lead to anti social behaviour
    • solutions to crime
      • main solution to crime = remove underlying cause of crime = social inequality
      • police rely on info from public, but support = reducing
        • rely on military policing
      • crime control must involve a multi - agency approach


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