Left Realism

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  • Left Realism
    • Relative deprivation
      • lea and Young
      • Someone feels deprived in comparison to others
      • 'the lethal combination is relative deprivation and individualism'
      • Individualism weakens families and communities thus control of social agents
    • Subculture
      • Different groups produce different solutions to relative deprivation
      • Some turn to crime, other to spiritual means 'theodicy of disprivilege'
      • Criminal subcultures still subscribe to goals but lack legitimate means of achieving them
    • Margina-lization
      • lack clear goals and organisation
      • being powerless to use political means, they express their frustration through criminal and violent means
    • Tackling crime
      • Increased relationship between police and public
      • deal with opportunity and the unfairness of rewards e.g. provide decent jobs for everyone
    • Criticisms
      • Henry and Milovanovic: accepts the authorities definition of crime being committed by the poor
      • need qualitative data rather than quantitative to learn motives
      • Their use of subcultural theory assumes the value consensus exists
      • Over-predicts the amount of crime
      • focus on high crime inner city areas gives an unrepresentative view and makes crime appear a bigger problem than it is


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