Right Realism

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  • Right Realism
    • Biological differences
      • Wilson and Herrnstein
      • More innately more strongly predisposed to commit crime
      • Herrnstein & Murray: Main cause of crime is low intelligence
    • Socialization and the underclass
      • Murray
      • Growing underclass increasing crime
      • Fail to socialise children properly
      • Generous revolution due to welfare state
      • lone mother are ineffective at socialization agents especially for boys
      • Gain status through crime
    • Rational choice theory
      • free will and the power of reason
      • Ron Clarke
      • decision to commit crimes is a choice based on rational calculation
    • Tackling crime
      • Wilson & Kelling: Any sign of deterioration must be dealt with immediately
      • Zero-tolerance policy
      • Crime prevention should reduce the rewards and increased
    • Criticisms
      • Ignores the wider structural causes
      • overstates offenders' rationally and how far they make calculations
      • view that criminals are rational actors freely choose crim the idea  of biology e conflicts withfactors
      • Preoccupied with petty street crime and ignore corporate crime
      • zero-policy gives police free rain to discriminate


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