Three Types of Democracy Basics

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  • Democracy
    • Most legitimate form of government
    • 3 Types of Democracy
      • Representative
        • People elect representatives
          • The representatives form a government or support a government
            • Representatives and government accountable to the people
        • People do not participate beyond electing representatives
      • Deliberative
        • Democratic decisions are only legitimate when preceded by authentic deliberation, not aggregate of votes
        • Authentic when decision makers are free from distortions caused by inequalities of power (exclusion, coercion and maldistribution of wealth)
        • The aim is to achieve a consensus, if this can't be reached after deliberation, votes are taken
      • Participatory
        • Citizens more actively involved in government
          • increased decentralization of power
            • direct consultation of public
              • democratization of institutions
                • Use of referenda to make decisions


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