Learning Theory

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  • Learning Theory
    • Classical conditioning
      • We make an attachment with our main food provider in order to stay alive
      • Step 1) Food (UCS) -> Dog drooles (UCR)
        • Step 2) Food (UCS) + Bell (UCS) -> Dog Drooles (UCR)
          • Step 3) Bell (CS) -> Dog Drooles (CR)
    • Operant Conditioning
      • Explaination by the behaviourists.
      • Occors when babies are rewarded for doing something i.e crying
        • Baby performs action (e.g. cries) -> Baby is rewarded (e.g. food)-> learns to reinforce behaviour and so repeats action
      • Dollard and Miller (1950)- hunger provides drive to reduce discomfort. When infant is fed-provies pleasure.
    • Weaknesses- Harlows Monkeys, Schaffer and Emerson
    • Strengths- it can provide an adequate explaination oh how attachment is formed.
    • Validity- Studies largly based on animals. Behaviour maybe different.


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