Learning plateau

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  • Learning plateaus
    • occurs when the learner stops progressing and no improvement in skill is evident
    • Causes
      • learner is not physically ready to make further improvemetnts
      • learner lacks ability to develop or modify current skills
      • fatigue - learner is simply too tired to make any further progress
      • next stage is too high or complex for the learner
      • boredom due to lack of variety or length of practice
      • poor coaching
      • motivation - performer lacks the desire to move on
    • Solutions
      • ensure the learner is physically ready for the next step
      • reset the goal to an achievable level
      • avoid fatigue and boredom by breaking the practice session into shorter distributed time periods
      • break the skill down into component parts if possible
      • allow time for mental rehearsal
      • try to generate more motivation and enthusiasm by providing external rewards
      • ensure that the performer is receiving the correct feedback


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