Learning theory of attachment

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  • Learning theory of attachment
    • All behaviour is learned through experience
      • Infant associates caregiver with feeding
        • Cupboard love theory
    • Classical conditioning
      • Infant learns to associate mother with food
        • Eventually only seeing mother brings comfort
    • Operant conditioning
      • Negative reinforcement as caregiver removes feelings of hunger
        • Caregiver becomes a reward
          • Caregiver is rewarded by seeing a happy baby
      • Positive reinforcement as baby is rewarded for crying
    • Fox (1977) Children more attached to mothers than nannies although nannies did the majority of feeding
    • Evaluation
      • Reductionist as ignores cognitive mental processes
      • Based on strong scientific principles that are established in psychology
      • Reductionist as too simple to explain complex behaviours
      • Disregarded by many psychologists
        • Harlow - attach for comfort
        • Lorenz - attach for survival
        • Bowlby - attach for emotional security


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