Learning Psychology

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  • Learning Psychology - all behaviour is learned
    • Key Terms
      • Classical Conditioning - learning through assossciation (UCS, UCR, NS, CS, CR)
        • E.G Pavlov's Study (dogs)
          • Principles can be applied to Aversion Therapy
      • Operant Conditioning - learning through the consequences of behaviour (REINFORCEMENT, PUNISHMENT)
        • E.G. Skinner's Study (rats and pigeons)
      • Social Learning - learning through the observation of role models (OBSERVATION, IMITATION, REINFORCEMENT)
    • Gender Development
      • Gender is acquired through observing role models (such as parents)
    • Studies
      • Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961) - aim: to demonstrate if children witness a role model being aggressive, they would imitate this when given the opportunity
      • Watson and Raynor (1920, Little Albert) - aim: to show that a fear response can be conditioned within a young child to a stimulus which does not normally produce this response
    • Key Issue
      • 'Do role models and the media have an affect on the development of anorexia?'
    • Practical
      • To investigate if 'females are politer than males?'


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