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  • Learning
    • conditioning
      • classical conditioning
        • ucs -->ucr
          • ucs + cs -->ucr
            • cs --> cr
      • operant conditioning
        • Thorndike
          • thorndike invented the law of effect. he put a cat in a box with only one way out, the cat had to pull a string to release a piston. so every time the cat was put in a a box, the spped that it escaped in increased.
            • outside the box was a tray of food for the cat, this was presented as a reward for escaping
        • B.F skinner
          • skinner's two most famous studies were pigeons playing ping pong and the rat in a box experiments. In both he used reinforcement to condition the animals to do irregular tasks
            • The rats learned to use levers an buttons to get food and water, however if they pressed the button or pulled the lever when the light above them wasn't on, the got an electric shock (negative reinforcement)
            • The pigeons however weren't given negative reinforcement, they were only give positive reinforcement (food)
        • Learning due to the consequences of behaviour, through positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement
    • Phobias
      • Systematic desensitisation
        • takling small steps towards relieving your self of a fear, but putting a method of relaxation inbetween each step
      • flooding
        • flooding is where you are put in to a room with immediate exposure to your fear in large quantities
      • a phobia is an irrational fear of something, it can be of anything


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