Leagues Failure

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  • League's Failure
    • Self interest of leading members
      • League depended on Br and Fr to provide firm support
      • When conflicts occured neither Br or French gov was prepared to abandon its own self interest to support League
    • USA/other important countries not present
      • Ger not until 1926 amd left in 1933
      • USSR didnt join 1934
      • Japan left in 1933
      • Italy left in 1937
      • Lacked authority and sanctions were not effective
      • USA refused to join
    • Economic sanctions did not work
      • Worried that without USA wouldnt work
      • Easily broken
      • Economic depression
      • No organisation
    • Lack of troops
      • If economic sanctions failed = military force
      • No armed forces/relied on co operation of members
    • Treaties it had to uphold was seen as unfair
      • Some terms of treaties were harsh/unjust
      • Undermined the League
    • Decisions were slow
      • Met too infrequently
      • Took too long to make decision


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