League of Nations 1926

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  • League of Nations 1926
    • Created by the Paris Peace Conference in April 1919.
    • Was set up to keep peace.
    • Germany automatically gained the other countries as allies.
    • If any rules were broken they would be kicked out and isolated as a country.
    • Germany wasn't originally allowed in as punishment and as a term of the Treaty of Versailles.
    • In 1926, Germany joined as move out of economic difficulties.
    • Stresemann made first speech by a German representative when Germany joined the League.
    • Germany's admission was a victory for Stresemann and the republic because it meant they could be respected as a country again.
    • Germany became a respected member of the world community.
    • Germany only allowed in after they sorted out their relationship with France.
    • Overnight Germany went from 0 friends to 26 friends.
    • They had a legitimate voice and ability to show they would pursue peace.
    • Brought economic benefits by giving 26 trading partners and 26 market economies for German goods to be sold in.


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