League of nations

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    • Structure
      • The Assembly.
        • Every country has representative.
      • The Secretariat
        • Keeps records of meetings and reports.
      • The Court Of Justice
        • Settle disputes peacefully
      • The Council
        • Small group that meet during emergencies
      • Agencies
        • Health organisation, Slavery commission, set up for world problems
    • Membership
      • No USA
      • 42 countries join at first
      • Germany not allowed to join.
      • Soviet union couldn't as it communist
    • Weaknesses
      • Lacked power to get point apposed.
      • Absence of the USA
      • Major powers not support league
      • Depression made collective security of countries
    • Manchurian Crisis
      • Japan
        • Train bomb in Jehol
        • Kept attacking and maintained Manchuria
      • China
        • Manchuria rich land
        • Want to defend manchuria
      • Response
        • Japan had to withdraw troops.
        • The lyttonreportwas set up as an inquiry
        • Japan ignore report and in 1933 leave the league
    • Abyssinian Crisis
      • Italy
        • Wanted to expand to become more powerful,trade
      • Abyssinia
        • Italy wanted to make colony larger
      • Responses
        • Emposed sanctions but never happened.
    • Hoare-Laval Pact
      • Britain and France
      • Propose to divide Abyssinia.
      • Italy rich parts,
      • Abyssinia the mountain parts
      • Both step down when leaked


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