League Of Nations

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  • League of Nations
    • Problems With The League
      • too idealistic
      • america didn't join because Wilson lost the election in1919
        • didn't want to stop trading with aggressive countries
        • anti empire
        • didn't like treaty of Versailles and the league was just a reinforcement of it
          • americans had german ancestors
        • didn't want to have to fight for britain
      • no army of its own
    • Main Aims
      • discourage aggression
      • encourage business and trade
      • disarming nations
      • improve living and working conditions
    • Factfile
      • based in Switzerland Geneva
      • based on 26 articles
      • had 42 members when it began... 59 by 1930s
    • The Set Up Of The League
      • The Secretariat:   --> health         -->disarming --> economic matters
      • Mandates Commision: ensured that stronger powers acted in the leagues best  interests and not their own
      • Refugees Committee: got refugees and prisoners of war home. also stamped out illnesses in refugee camps
      • Slavery Commitee: freed 200 000 slaves in British colonies
      • Health Committee: reduced malaria and yellow fever. (Even USSR took their advice)
      • The International Labour Organisation (ILO): working conditions - banned poisonous white lead paint and limited 48 hour week (many countries ignored their rules as it raised industrial costs)
      • The Permanent Court of International Justice: sorted out disputes with countries
        • had no way of enforcing its ruling
      • The Assembly: (parliament) all decisions had to be unaminous
      • The Council: met about 5 times a year and was made up of permanent members, could issue sanctions
    • successes
      • Upper Silesia  - 1921: germany and poland were fighting over the Upper Silesia. A plebiscite was taken and divided the land accordingly
      • Aaland Islands - 1921: both Finland and Sweden wanted the land. The league decided that Finland got it, Sweden accepted
      • Bulgaria -1925: Greece invaded Bulgaria. The Leagure condemned Greece and ordered it to pay compensation.
    • Faliures
      • Vilna -1920: Polish pirvate army over took the capitol of Lithuania. Officially the league should have sent in troops but France saw Poland as a future ally and Britain wasn't prepared to act alone
      • Corfu -1923: Italy demanded compensation for a general that had been murdered and invaded Corfu -15 people killed- The Greeks appealed to the league as they didnt know the murders.
        • The League said they should pay conpensationto the league and that money would be passed on if and when the killers were found.
          • Officially Mussolini agreed but managed to persuade the League to transfer the money to Italy. The Greeks had to apologis
      • The Geneva Protocol: Britain and France drew up a protocol demanding that its judgment is accepted by all members. Before the plan could be put in place the Conservatives came into power and scrapped the protocol


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