League of Nations

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  • League of Nations
    • came from Wilsons 14 points.
    • Four main aims
      • To stop aggression
      • Encourage cooperation
      • To improve living and working conditions
      • Disarmament
    • 5 permanent members Britain France, Italy, *** and germany (1926)
    • Intended to police the world
    • began in  1920
    • 42 original members
    • Sucesses of the league
      • helped refugees after the first world war
      • worked to stop the spread of diseases like malaria and plague
      • fought against slavery
    • problems with the league
      • USA never joined the league
        • americans didn't like the versailles treaty and refused to accept it, the thought LON was connected to it
        • They thought it would be too expensive, they'd rather focus on america than the rest of europe (isolationism)
          • They didn't want to be dragged into war.
      • The league wasn't powerful enough
        • Britain and France were both in charge but neither coutry was strong enough after the war to do the job right
        • Economic and miltary sanctions could only work if USA (powerful) was applying them. other countries were too busy recovering from the war
      • Germany and russia were forbidden to join at first
      • no army of its own and most members didn't want to commit their own army
      • organisation was all wrong, EVERYONE had to agree for a single decision to be made.


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