Leadership styles

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  • Leadership styles
    • Democratic
      • Workers are consulted & decisions delegated to them
      • Decisions delegated to workers
      • Workers feel valued
      • Decisions take longer to be made
      • Decisions may be of a better quality
        • Workers do the jobs every day
    • Autocratic
      • Leader makes all decisions
      • Little to no consultation with workers
      • Decisions made quickly
      • Workers don't feel trusted; demotivates
      • Found in tall and centralised structures
    • Paternalistic
      • Workers are consulted, but final decisions are made by leader
      • Can make workers feel valued
      • Workers might feel they aren't trusted due to lack of delegation
    • Laissez-faire
      • Very hands off
      • Workers given full responsibility and empowerment
      • Works well if workers are talented and self-motivated
      • Found in flat decentralised structures
      • Decisions made are poor if workers are poorly qualified


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