Leadership & Communication

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  • Leadership & Communication
    • Framing  by Leaders
      • "Framing is the leaders interpretation of organisational purpose accompanying values and beliefs"
      • Why is Framing Important?
        • Influences percepections of an opportunity and its outccomes
        • Provides a map for action
        • Determines whether followers notice problems, how they understand them and how they act upon them
      • Beliefs Amplification
        • BELIEFS= Ideas about which factors support or impede actions taken to achieve desired values
        • Beliefs  Categories
          • Missions importance
          • Need for the mission
          • Antagonists of the mission
          • Result of the mission
      • DEF: Framing refers to the social construction of a social phenominon
      • Values Amplification
        • VALUES= States of being/modes of conduct
        • Process of identifying and elevating certain values (Conger, 1991) People are inspired by values
    • Language
      • Language is a learnt social behaviour
      • Language has 2 roles
        • Negotiate relatonships
        • Communicate ideas
    • Rhetoric and Delivery
      • DEF: The process by  which the message is communicated is as important as framing it
        • 7% words
        • 38% voice
        • 55% body language
          • Contribute to liking them (Mehrabian, 1971)
            • 38% voice
            • When verbal and non verbal communication are incompatible, issues of 'FAKING  IT' occur
      • Rhetorical crafting
        • Repetition & rhythm
        • Analogies, symbols and metaphors
        • Stories
        • Body language/ tone of voice
    • Charismatic Leaders
      • Are visionary, sensitive to their environment and followers, admired, and trustworthy – communication experts
      • Metaphors
        • Charismatic US Presidents use 2x as many as non charismatic presidents (Mio et al, 2005)
        • Bligh & Hess, 2007
          • Verbal Imagery
          • Tailor language to audience
      • Verbal Imagery
      • Tailor language to audience


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