Lord of the Flies Violence essay revision poster

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  • Leadership
    • Ralph, smart, natural leader, dad's a commander in the navy
      • Jack, leader of choir boys at his school, wears black cap, can sing C sharp
          • Ralph, socialized  civilized, intelligant
            • Demonstrates Common sense
            • Jack is a hunter, becomes obsessed with hunting,
              • Bit like a dictator, like Adolf Hitler, Roger is like the **, carries out his dirty work
                • Makes rules so it suits themselves, forgets about the conch
            • Bully, Power, savergery, makes people scared, won't listen to anybody, forgetton his own life
              • Blood thirsty, wants to be leader from the start, forms his own tribe, steals glasses for fire, gets his own way, people die
                • Uses the beast to manuiplate the littleuns's fear
          • Piggy is a second hand advisor to Ralph, he realises he can't do everything without Piggy's sensible advice
            • Intelligance and guides Ralph, realistic, reliable, trusting, side kick
              • Untitled
    • Ralph, first leader, fun, gentle, kind, fun, optimistic, wants peace, maintains civilised start to end, wants civilsation and morality
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