Le Futur

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  • Le Futur - the future
    • Stem
      • For infinitives that end in er or ir you can just add the correct ending as the stem for future has to end in r.
      • As some infinitives have re endings you must take off the e, so that you are left with the r on the end of the stem.
    • Irregulars
      • Avoir~ aur-   Etre~ ser-    Aller~ ir    Faire~ fer-
    • Endings that go after the stem of the infinitive
      • Je - ai = I
      • Tu - as = you (informal singular)
      • Il/elle/on - a = he/she/one/it
      • Nous - ons = we
      • Vous - ez = you (informal plural and formal)
      • Ils/ells - ont = they


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