LBJ Escalation of War

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  • LBJ Escalation
    • Democarcy
      • Failure of Saigon governments to reform
      • Elections to new parliament 1966
      • Presidential elections 1967
        • Thieu President and Ky VIce
      • No change, corruption
    • War of attrition
      • One side winning killing more men
      • Small US casualties
      • Unwilling to use ARVN
      • End war in 6 months
      • Conventional set piece battles
      • Believed communists would give up
    • Troop escalation
      • Had to send more once comitted
      • Couldn't tell VC from civilians
      • Thousands sent alienate VC
      • Communist superpowers
    • Dissenting voices
      • George Ball and Mike Mansfield
        • Concern over esclation
      • Concentrate on Europe
      • Public won't support war
      • Agricultural country
      • No substitute for Saigon Government
      • Feared Chinese involvement


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