Laws & Social policies

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  • Laws & Social policies
    • Conservative party
      • MARITAL **** 1991
      • CARE IN THE COMMUNITY : expected women to take care of those in long term needs
      • CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY : designed so that absent fathers had to pay maintainance.
    • The coalition
      • changes to PATERNITY LEAVE - maternity leave can now be shared or given to the man
      • PENSION AGE rising
      • AGE RATINGS for video games
      • Reintroduction to the MARRIAGE TAX ALLOWENCE
      • GAY MARRIAGE now legal from 2014
      • changes to CHILD BENEFIT - now get paid £20.30 pw
      • capping HOUSEHOLD BENEFITS
    • Cross cultural policies
      • CHINA: one child per family policy to reduce the populaation
      • IRELAND: not allowed to abort unless ithe mothers life is in danger
      • IRAN: government gives money to families when they have a child.
    • Labour Party
      • SURE START CENTRES aiming to give children the best start in life. supports families in areas of deprivation.
      • The NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE supporting low income groups
      • laws on ADOPTION now state that homosexual families and lone parents can now adopt
      • Abolishment of the MARRIAGE TAX ALLOWANCE
      • LONE PARENT 2010 moved onto job seekers when child turns 7. Have to prove theyre looking for work.


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