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  • Laws and Legislation
    • Equality Act
      • Protected Characteristics :
        • Pregnancy and Maternity
        • Marriage or Civil Partnership
        • Race
        • Gender Reassignment
        • Religion or Belief
        • Disability
        • Sex
        • Age
        • Sexual Orientation
    • Children's Act
      • Every Child Matters
        • Achieve Economic Well Being
        • Stay Safe
        • Enjoy and Achieve
        • Be Healthy
        • Make a positive contribution
      • The act's unlimate purpose was to make the UK a better and safer place for children
      • The 2004 was amended to include protection for Disabled Children
      • The Children's Commissioner was appointed to promote awareness of the views and interests of all children in England
      • The act places a duty to cooperate on all services who work to protect children designed to eliminate the risk of children "falling through he gaps"
    • Mental Capacity Act
      • Capacity is the ability to make a decision
        • Capacity must be assumed unless proven otherwise
          • 5 Main Statutory Principals:
            • A Presumption of capacity
            • Support to make their own decisions
            • Unwise Decisions
            • Best Interests
            • Less Restrictive Option
          • Capacity can fluctuate with time!
      • Dementia
      • Mental Health Problems
      • Learning Difficulties
      • Alcohol or drug misuse
    • Data Protection Act
      • Controls how your personal information Is used by organisations, businesses or the government.
      • Used Fairly and lawfully
      • Used for limited, specifically stated purpose
      • Used in a way that is adequate relevant and not excessive
      • Accurate
      • Kept for no longer than necessary
      • Handled according to people's data protection rights
      • Kept safe and secure
      • Not transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection


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