Why was there lawlessness in the West?

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  • Lawlessness in the West
    • Geography
      • Vast area
      • Slow transport
    • Political factors
      • Mining and cow towns sprang up quickly
      • Shortage of reliable law-enforcement officers
        • Not considered important enough to spend money on training
    • Economic factors
      • Cowboys/ Townspeople
      • Homesteader / Ranchers
      • Cattle barons/ Small ranchers
    • Social factors
      • Ethnic groups
        • Chinese, Europeans, Indians
        • Mexicans, settlers from east USA
      • Soldiers struggled to readjust to life after Civil War
    • Values and Attitudes
      • Dominated by primitive code of honour
        • Settle things yourself
      • Most Westerners carried guns
        • Legal to shoot someone in self-defence


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