Law Reform

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  • Law Reform
    • Influences
      • Parliament - Government has major say on Law
      • Judges - They sometimes have to decide new point of Law.
      • Public Opinion - If there's a strong public opinion then Government will want to remain popular with the majority of peopl
      • Lobbying - Pressuring and persuading MPs
      • Pressure groups - Campaigns against a proposed chagne to Law
      • Law Reform Bodies - Biased towards certain goals
      • Europe - EU Law
    • Role of Law Commission
      • Found in s.3 of Law Commissions Act 1965
      • 5 Commissioners who work full-time (1 High Court Judge and 4 Law Commissioners - lawyers, other judges etc). They are supported by a Chief Executive and about 20 members of the Government Legal Service
      • Simplifying the Law
        • Codification - Simplify aspects of Criminal Law
        • Consolidation - Bringing all existing statutory provisions under one Act so it is all in one place
        • Repeals - Getting rid of old Law
      • Referrals
    • Effectiveness
      • The first 10 years were successful with 85% of proposals being made into Law
      • Now, only 50% of suggested reforms become Law due to lack of Parliamentary time and disinterest


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