Law and Order

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  • Law and Order
    • Types of crime
      • Bank Robberies.
      • Cattle Rustling.
      • Claim Jumping.
        • Miners would be robbed of their valuable claims.
      • Horse Stealing.
      • Fence Cutting.
        • Barons wanted to control access to the water by fencing it off but the small ranchers resisted this.
      • Racial Attacks.
        • The Chinese who settled after building the railroads were victims of this.
      • Shootings.
      • Stagecoach Robbery.
        • Stagecoaches were stopped and robbed of money.
      • Train Robbery.
    • Reasons for Crime
      • Who's in charge?
        • No one to stop violence.
      • Wild young men.
      • Ethnic divisions.
      • Old grudges.
      • Such a big country .
        • Difficult to enforce law everywhere.
      • Thirst for wealth.
      • "A man's got to do hat a man's got to do"
        • West dominated by a code of honour - "Code of the West." If you killed someone in self-defence you had not broken the law
    • How the US government attempted to solve crime
      • The Pinkerton Detective Agency
        • Hired by stagecoach and rail road companies to provide protection
      • Town Marshals and their deputies (assistants)
        • Main job to maintain law and order. Also responsible for maintaining the town jail and licensing saloons.
      • Sheriffs
        • Elected by the people of the county for two years. Responsible for looking after the town jail and for selling the property of anyone who failed to pay local taxes.
      • The Texas Rangers.
        • Fought Indians, They were a mounted police force.
      • Judges
        • Appointed by the US President. Three judges supervise each state.
      • US Marshals
    • Role of vigilantes
      • Lynching criminals
      • Warning criminals
      • "The remedy for the existing evils is greater than he evils
    • Billy the Kid
      • Top gunfighter during the Lincoln County War
      • Sentenced to death


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