Law and Justice

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  • Law and Justice
    • The law is incapeable of satisfying everybody
      • "Settle for Half"
    • Alfieri warns Eddie that if he betrays his brothers, he will be breaching the code of his people and the will turn against him
      • "The manner in which the entered the country but i don't think you want to do anything abouth that, do you?"
    • Marco demands justice
      • The law? All of the law is not in a book.
    • The real injustice according to Eddie is that he's concerned all araodolfo wants  Catherine for is her passport
      • "You mean to tell me that there is no law that a guy which he ain't that can go to work and marry a girl and..."
    • Eddie understand there is a code which his community abides by.
      • "...and he snitched to the immigration....and they spit on him in the street, his own father and brothers"
    • Different communities have different attitudes towards the law
      • "A lawyer means the law... the law has not been a  friendly idea"
    • Alfieri embodies the concept of the law
      • "I am a lawyer"


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