Law influences on parliament

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  • Influences on parliament
    • parliament is the supreme law making body in the UK
    • pressure groups
      • sectional/ interest groups
        • further the ends of their own section in society
        • national farmers union (NFU)
        • British medical association - represents doctors
          • can be persuasive and influential with professional knowledge
          • ban on smoking in public places 2007
        • Untitled
      • Cause groups
        • promote a particular idea of belief
        • greenpeace
        • Amnesesty international - human rights
      • insider groups
        • have direct contact with an MP or minister
        • many sectional groups also have these
      • outsider groups
        • resort to direct action to promote their group
        • Fathers 4 justice
        • resort to publicity stunts
      • small groups can also make a difference
        • Mary whitehouse
          • protection of children act 1984
        • Jamie oliver
          • healthier school meals
    • The media
      • television, radio, newspaper, journals
      • newspaper creates specific issues or causes
        • daily mail often run headlines on immigration
        • try to achieve tighter controls
        • sun - growing influence of EU on British life
      • influence
        • Sarah Payne - murdered by a **********
        • news of the world published the details of known sex offenders
        • result was the register of all sex offenders
      • investigative journalism
        • Panorama
        • brought about the reform of the expenses rule
        • revealed how much MPs were claiming on expenses


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