Law and Social Change 5

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  • Law and Social Change 5- Smoking
    • Health Act 2006
      • Illegal to smoke in all public enclosed or substantially enclosed areas and workplaces
      • In places of work smoking rooms and areas are no longer permitted. All smokers must take smoking breaks outside
      • Owners/ managers have to take reasonable steps to ensure all staff and visitors are aware of and uphold the ban
      • Appropriate no smoking signs must be clearly placed in all smoke free premises and vehicles
      • Exemptions:
        • Designated rooms in nursing homes
        • Designated rooms in prisons
        • Designated rooms in offshore oil rigs
        • Designated hotel rooms
        • Designated rooms in mental health units (until July 08)
        • Specialist tobacconists in relation to sampling cigars/ pipe tobacco
      • Includes smoking in vehicles which serve the public and/ or are used for work purposes


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