Background of law

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  • Background of law
    • Types of law
      • Common law
        • Decided upon precedents set by 'similar cases'
        • Based upon the judicial system
        • Settles disputes between individuals
        • Burden of proof - beyond reasonable doubt
      • Criminal law
        • Creating laws for protection of society as a whole and providing punishment for those who break it
        • Usually conducted by the CPS
        • Burden of proof: beyond reasonable doubt
    • Statute law
      • Act of Parliament
      • Passed by parliament as legislation
      • Law is proposed, discussed, accepted or rejected
    • Green Paper
      • Government proposal for a new law
      • Aim is to get feedback and debate
    • White Paper
      • Government statement outlining new policy or proposal for a bill
    • Draft bill
      • Preliminary version of how a proposed act will look
    • Bill
      • Government proposed act ready for debate in house of commons & lords
    • Public law
      • C - controls how the government sorts out constitutional matters
      • A - controls how the ministers and public bodies should operate and make decisions
      • C - part of public law as committing a crime goes against society
    • Private law
      • Deals with the 'smooth running' of society e.g. employment law


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