Later Adulthood Physical changes

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  • Later Adulthood Changes
    • Joints become inflamed as the cartilages begin to break down from a lifetime of use
    • Breathing problems from past job (e.g. factory worker) or if they smoke
    • Bones become fragile as mineral content of bones decreases
    • Tire more quickly and would take longer to recover from an injury
    • Muscle loss because they are less active
    • Loss of eyesight as organs become less efficent
    • More prone to diseases as immune system is less efficient
    • Grey hair
    • Wrinkles as the skin loses elasticity
    • Loss of hearing/  balance  as organs become less efficient
    • Nurtients are harder to absorb as they have been eating for a lifetime
    • Spine shrinks as the plates come closer together
    • Stamina reduces as they are less active
    • Fine/Gross motor skills become more difficult as they are less active
    • High blood pressure as the heart cant cope with too much blood to the body


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