Late Classical Period

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  • Male Free-Standing Sculpture 4th Century BC
    • "Humanising the Gods" became a Praxitilean trend
      • Hermes & Dionnysus are taking part in an everyday activity (babysitting)
        • figures appear happy and content as they are engaged in an intimate bond
      • Contained a reference to Apollo's cult as the God of Medicine
        • If he is holding an arrow or a dart in right hand it refers to his role as an archer god.
        • Apollo Sauroktonos
    • 3D Composition
      • Right arm thrust out in front of viewer
        • Left arm cuts horizontally across chest breaking up figure
        • Front view foreshortened forces viewer to appreciate all angles
      • Apoxyomenos
    • Sensual "S" bend
      • Youth of Marathon, Apollo, Hermes & Dionnysus
    • Contapposto
      • Weight on right leg
      • Apollo, H&D, Marathon Boy,
      • Youth of Marathon- accentuated by outstretched arm
      • H&D- Hips tilted but not the shoulders
    • "Off Proportions"
      • Apollo's head is large relative to body
      • H&D nearer to 1:8 - depict immortality?
      • Youth 1:7 and a half
      • 1:8 Apoxymenos


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