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  • last days of jesus' life
    • the last supper
      • "this is my body given for you"
    • the betrayal and arrest
      • judas betrayed jesus
      • jesus healed an enemy
      • didn't want any violence
    • the trial
      • condemned for claiming to be 'the Son of God'
      • the people chose to release a criminal over jesus so he was crucified
    • the crucificion
      • crucified on good friday
      • "father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing"
      • jesus died in agony
    • the ressurection
      • jesus' body was buried in a tomb
      • the tomb was empty when visited later
        • two men appeared and told them that jesus had risen
    • ascension
      • jesus was taken up into a cloud
      • removed jesus from the limitations of the human flesh
    • importance of these events
      • bread and wine is still used in the Eucharist today
      • brought about salvation from sin
      • resurrection is reassurance in life after death
      • ascension frees jesus from human body meaning he can be with anyone wherever they are


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