Larkin critics

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  • Larkin Critics
    • Bryan Appleyard   '[Larkin is] a hopeless and inflexible pessimist.'
    • Dannie Abse 'his poems sharp-eyed, appropriate with arresting detail and do not eschew sentiment, feeling.'
    • Andrew Motion 'Death, in Larkin's view, is an utterly comfortless blank'
    • Janice Rossen 'Larkin's fury against women is not so much a declared stage of siege against them personally as it is an eternal battle raging within himself."
    • Lisa Jardine 'The Britishness of Larkin's poetry carries a baggage of attitudes.'
    • Larkin 'It's unhappiness that provokes a poem. Being happy doesn't provoke a poem.'
    • Particular Poems
      • Mr Bleaney
        • Richard Palmer 'It is a poet afraid of madness who envies 'Bleaney' his insufferably sane routine.'
      • Dockery and Son
        • Richard Palmer 'It is 'a poem that modulates into an uncommonly moving tough serenity'. The last lines have 'something decisive, even didactic about them.'
      • Ambulances
        • Andrew Swarbick  'Poems such as 'Ambulances' and 'An Arundel Tomb' also want to pay homage to human qualities of sympathy and persistence which resist the passage of time.'
      • Here & The Large Cool Store
        • Andrew Swarbick 'The lists of supermarket goods in 'Here' and 'The Large Cool Store' testify to post-war economic recovery and a society pursuing its fantasies and illusory satisfactions in material possessions.'


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