Early Conditions on Earth

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  • Early conditions on Earth
    • Large amounts of water
      • Physiological solvent - most chmeical reactions in cells have water
      • Transport - blood/sap. Transports oxygen, sugars ect.
      • Temperature control - too hot = evaporation off skin, too cold = heat transported in blood
      • Anomalous expansion on freezing - ice floats
      • High specific heat capacity
      • Provision of aquatic habitats
    • Appropriate temperature range
      • Above 0°C allowing liquid water
      • Most living organisms found in 0°C to 40°C
      • However thermeophilic bacteria can withstand high temps like over 80°C
    • Light and radiation from the Sun
      • Sunlight - photosynthesis
      • Heat production when absorbed - sourve of energy for water cycle
      • Little harmful UV and ionising radiation
      • Distance - controls light levels and temps
      • Daily rotation - controls day and night (temps)
      • Tilted axis - seasons
      • Molten layers beneath the crust - magnetic field


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