Laos Opportunities & Challenges:

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  • Laos
    • Opportunities:
      • Helped stimulate political and economic cooperation in terms of trade, investment, development projects and security.
      • There is economic cooperation with Vietnam involved in over 400 investment projects in Laos.
      • The economic impact of remittances on local and national development ranges from purchase of simple domestic appliances to agricultural machinery.
      • Political stability is improving between Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.
    • Challenges:
      • Most economic migrants are low skilled, of limited education and under 18 thus among those vulnerable to human trafficking, forced labour and exploitation.
      •  Laos government policy is difficult to implement as it depends on transnational governance by organisations.
      • Loss of skilled workers such as carpenters and mechanics which is set to increase if wage differentials remain high and there is free movement of the ASEAN.


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