language features

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  • language features
    • rhetorical questions
      • questions which doesn't expect an answer
        • do you think i'm stupid?
    • emotive language
      • this is to bring on emotions or feelings to the reader
        • the pain he put me through was unbearable, how can i have made such a ridiculous mistake
    • personal pronouns
      • i, you, they, them, he, she, him, her, it, us and me
    • facts and opinions
      • fact: the truth or information that has happened or real
        • smoking is very bad for you
      • opinion: giving your own thoughts or feelings.
        • well i think students shouldn't go to school
    • repetition
      • repeating a word or phrases a few times
        • the word is round, the world moves slowly, the world will be over one day
    • rules of three
      • an adjective giving in a same sentence by using three words meaning the same or describing.
        • you are a kind loving and an amazing person i have ever met
    • structure
      • many features of the structure like layouts, the positioning etc
    • tone
    • imperative
      • commands
        • go away, vome here etc


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