Language Devices 2

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  • Language Devices 2
    • Rhetorical Questions
      • These are questions used simply to empahsise a point
        • Help make a point in a mmore powerful and emotional way
    • Triplets
      • Can be used to emphasise or draw attention to detail
    • Alliteration
      • Repitition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words which are beside eachother make point more memorbale
    • Hyperbole
      • Use of exaggeration to create impact
        • Can be persuasive and make normal events extraordinary
    • Assertive Language
      • Using a forceful or confident language makes the writer's point seem indisputable
        • Also makes an opinion sound like a widespread belief
    • Assonance
      • Repitition of vowel sounds for the same effect as alliteration
    • Using experts
      • Adds credibility to what the writer is saying and can  make opinion sound like a fact
    • Quotations
      • Add evidence from expert sources and provide support and create added authority
    • Humour
      • Lightens the mood, establishes a closer connection with the audience and adds variety to maintain interest
    • Tone
      • Adapted by writer and can generate feelings in reader. Using emotional words


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