AQA AS english Language , gender and power

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  • Language and Gender
    • Deborah Jones
      • Studies womens talk
        • House talk - exchange of info based on female roles
        • Scandal talk - Judging behaviour of others
        • Chatting  female form of everyday small talk
    • Zimmerman & West
      • Men interupt in order to gain dominance in the conversation
    • Julia Woods
      • Studied gender communication
        • Women use language to establish relatiolnships
    • Janet Holmes
      • Purpose behind tag questions
        • Uncertainty
        • To soften
    • O'Barr & Atkins
      • Peoples language differes based on the situation
        • Language differs according to specific authority
        • Subject to people power and status - NOT GENDER
    • Pamela Fishman
      • Women support work and shift work


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