Language Acquisition Theorists

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  • Language Acquisition Theorists
    • Chomsky-Nativist
      • Language is innate
      • LAD
        • Encodes the major principles of language and it's grammatical structure into the childs brain
      • Applies to all languages
      • Virtuous errors
      • Overextension
      • Resist correction
    • Skinner-Behaviourist
      • Positive/negative reinforcement
      • Conditioning
      • Imitation theory
        • Children learn language through imitating and repeating language from others
    • Piaget-Cognitive
      • Language comes with knowledge
      • Piaget outlined 4 stages of child language development
        • Sensori-motor stage (0-2 years)
          • Baby can differentiate from self and objects
        • Pre-operational stage (2-7 years)
          • Can classify objects as a single feature
          • Still thinks egocentrically
        • Concrete operational stage (7-11 years)
          • Can think logically about objects and events and achieve conservation of number
        • Formal operational stage (11 years +)
          • Becomes concerned with the hypothetical, the future, and ideological problems
      • "Little apprentices"
    • Bruner-Social Interraction
      • LASS
        • The idea of the LASS is that caregivers support children in social situations and encourage them to interact and respond
      • Interaction scaffolds development
      • Turn-taking
      • Child directed speech
    • Vygotsky-Cognitive
      • Language aids understanding
      • Egocentric speech goes underground and becomes the silence with which you think
      • ZPD-zone of proximal development
        • This is the difference between what a learner can do withoiut help and what they can do with help
      • "Little scientist"
    • Aitchison
      • "Language has a biologically organised schedule"
      • In 1987, she identified 3 stages that occur during a child's acquisition of vocabulary
        • 1.Labeling
          • Involves making the link between the sounds of particular objects and the object itself
        • 3. Network Building
          • Involves grasping the connections between words e.g. opposites and synonyms.
        • 2. Packaging
          • Over-extension
          • Under-extention
    • Lenneberg
      • Critical period (2-7 years)


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