Language Acquisition

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  • Language Acquisition
    • Babbling
      • Stopped sounds - air is momentarily stopped from being released e.g. 'p'
      • Reduplication - where the same vowel -consonant combination repeated e.g. mum
      • Variegated babbling- same as previous but vowel sound changes
      • Consonant cluster - where number of consonants are combines e.g. fr
      • Friction sounds - where there is vibration whilst air is released e.g. 's' in pleasure
    • Phonological Development
      • Addition - when a vowel is added end of word e.g. dog would become dogu
      • Assimilation - one consonant in word changes because influence of another e.g. tub becomes bub due to final 'b'
      • Reduplication - phoneme repeated e.g. moo,moo (for cow)
      • Voicing - consonants such as (p,t,f,s) which don't use vocal chords are replaced with voiced equivalent (b,d,v,z) e.g. instead of saying sock, may say zok
      • De-voicing - opposite of voiced, consonants which are said using vocal chords e.g. bag could be pag
    • Simplification
      • Deletion - child drops consonant altogether, especially at end of word e.g. say 'ca' instead of 'cat'
      • Substitution - instead of dropping it, may replace  consonant with one easier to say. e.g. 'tup' rather than 'cup'
      • Cluster  reduction - consonant clusters, child may drop one. e.g. 'geen' instead of 'green'


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